Christopher R. Jackson

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A growing number of brain-machine interfaces have now been developed that allow movements of an external device to be controlled using recordings from the brain. This work has been undertaken with a number of different animal models, as well as several human patients with quadriplegia. The resulting movements, whether of computer cursors or robotic limbs,(More)
Internal gravity waves, the subsurface analogue of the familiar surface gravity waves that break on beaches, are ubiquitous in the ocean. Because of their strong vertical and horizontal currents, and the turbulent mixing caused by their breaking, they affect a panoply of ocean processes, such as the supply of nutrients for photosynthesis, sediment and(More)
A dynamic landscape evolution modelling platform (CLiDE) is presented that allows a variety of Earth system interactions to be explored under differing environmental forcing factors. Representation of distributed surface and subsurface hydrology within CLiDE is suited to simulation at sub-annual to centennial timescales. In this study the hydrological(More)
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