Christopher R. J. Woodhouse

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Recent sequencing studies have extensively explored the somatic alterations present in the nuclear genomes of cancers. Although mitochondria control energy metabolism and apoptosis, the origins and impact of cancer-associated mutations in mtDNA are unclear. In this study, we analyzed somatic alterations in mtDNA from 1675 tumors. We identified 1907 somatic(More)
Genome-wide DNA sequencing was used to decrypt the phylogeny of multiple samples from distinct areas of cancer and morphologically normal tissue taken from the prostates of three men. Mutations were present at high levels in morphologically normal tissue distant from the cancer, reflecting clonal expansions, and the underlying mutational processes at work(More)
Because doubts remain about the safety and efficacy of renal transplantation for patients with primary urological abnormalities, we have studied the outcome of transplantation in a large group of such patients. Between 1977 and 1989, 69 renal transplants were completed in 62 patients with abnormal lower urinary tracts (29 primary vesicoureteric reflux, 13(More)
The medical care of adolescents has become a growth area in many disciplines. There are two major aspects. Firstly, adolescents have specific medical and emotional needs which are not fulfilled either by paediatric or by adult specialists. Secondly, some childhood problems, particularly the congenital deformities, have no equivalent in adult life and so(More)
References on the anatomical course of the neurovascular bundles of the penis in epispadias are rare. We studied the anatomy of the neurovascular bundles in 5 patients undergoing primary epispadias repair and 13 adolescents undergoing correction of erectile deformities. In all primary cases the neurovascular bundles were truly lateral as they ran along the(More)
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