Christopher R. Ireson

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2-Methoxyoestradiol (2-MeOE2) is an endogenous oestrogen metabolite that inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells in vitro, and it is also antiangiogenic. In vivo 2-MeOE2, when administered at relatively high doses, inhibits the growth of tumours derived from breast cancer cells, sarcomas and melanomas. Sulphamoylated derivatives of 2-MeOE2 are more(More)
Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is the most common malignant brain tumor, which, despite combined modality treatment, reoccurs and is invariably fatal for affected patients. Recently, a member of the serine/threonine protein kinase D (PRKD) family, PRKD2, was shown to be a potent mediator of glioblastoma growth. Here we studied the role of PRKD2 in U87MG(More)
Breast cancer is a major cause of mortality in Western countries and there is an urgent requirement for novel treatment strategies. The nonsteroidal sulphatase inhibitor 667 COUMATE inhibits hepatic steroid sulphatase and growth of oestrone sulphate stimulated tumours in the nitrosomethylurea-induced rat mammary model. Other compounds that contain an aryl(More)
BACKGROUND Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is a highly aggressive tumor of the central nervous system with a dismal prognosis for affected patients. Aberrant protein kinase C (PKC) signaling has been implicated in gliomagenesis, and a member of the PKC-activated protein kinase D (PRKD) family, PRKD2, was identified as mediator of GBM growth in vitro and in(More)
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