Christopher R. Harshaw

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Depression is characterized by disturbed sleep and eating, a variety of other nonspecific somatic symptoms, and significant somatic comorbidities. Why there is such close association between cognitive and somatic dysfunction in depression is nonetheless poorly understood. An explosion of research in the area of interoception-the perception and(More)
The traditional approach to the study of thermoregulation in young animals focuses on the regulatory capacities of individuals, which, for multiparous species, risks ignoring critical aspects of the early developmental niche. Here, we examined the ontogeny of regulatory behavior in C57BL/6 mice, employing simultaneous behavioral, thermographic, and acoustic(More)
Brown adipose tissue (BAT) is a thermogenic effector abundant in most mammalian infants. For multiparous species such as rats and mice, the interscapular BAT deposit provides both an emergency "thermal blanket" and a target for nestmates seeking warmth, thereby increasing the cohesiveness of huddling groups. Sex differences in BAT regulation and(More)
This paper introduces a novel graph-analytic approach for detecting anomalies in network flow data called GraphPrints. Building on foundational network-mining techniques, our method represents time slices of traffic as a graph, then counts graphlets---small induced subgraphs that describe local topology. By performing outlier detection on the sequence of(More)
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