Christopher R. Graves

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Genetic algorithms have attracted a good deal of interest in the heuristic search community. Yet there are several diierent types of genetic algorithms with varying performance and search characteristics. In this paper we look at 3 genetic algorithms: an elitist simple genetic algorithm, the CHC algorithm and Genitor. One problem in comparing algorithms is(More)
Subset Feature Selection problems can have several attributes which may make Messy Genetic Algorithms an appropriate optimization method. First, competitive solutions may often use only a small percentage of the total available features; this can not only ooer an advantage to Messy Genetic Algorithms, it may also cause diiculties for other types of(More)
The coupling patterns between the rhythm of a mechanical ventilator and the rhythm of spontaneous breathing were studied in enflurane-anesthetized adult human subjects. The spontaneous breathing pattern was altered in response to different frequencies and amplitudes of forced lung inflations. A 1:1 phase locking (the frequency of the mechanical ventilator(More)
A robust and general local search matching algorithm is used match fragmentary horizon lines. A horizon line model is extracted from a rendered terrain map and is then matched to features extracted from CCD imagery. Such matching is one means of automating vehicle orientation correction: a problem of practical signiicance for the UGV program. Currently, nal(More)
A new variant on key feature object recognition is presented. It is applied to optimal matching problems involving 2D line segment models and data. A single criterion function ranks both key features and complete object model matches. Empirical studies suggest that the key feature algorithm has run times which are dramatically less than a more general(More)
Research on recycling of CdTe PV modules and manufacturing waste aims in optimizing the separations and recovery of glass, cadmium and tellurium while minimizing life-cycle emissions and energy use, under the constraint of low cost (e.g. a few cents per watt). The major tasks of our research are: a) Cleaning of glass from the metals and recycling of glass;(More)
"Closing the carbon cycle: Liquid fuels from air, water and sunshine" K.S. Lackner et al.-ii Abstract This paper outlines proposed advancements of a coherent set of technologies for a solar-powered system that uses water and CO 2 from ambient air to provide sustainable fuels to the world. These fuels would be synthetic liquid hydrocarbons that could power(More)
Gel-permeation chromatography (GPC) has been used to analyze transition-metal-based squares, triangles, and related supramolecular complexes. Using rhenium-containing molecular squares of different sizes, a linear calibration curve has been established, which was used for confirming the relative sizes of other assemblies. GPC can also discriminate cyclic(More)
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