Christopher R. Cox

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Multitask learning can be effective when features useful in one task are also useful for other tasks, and the group lasso is a standard method for selecting a common subset of features. In this paper, we are interested in a less restrictive form of mul-titask learning, wherein (1) the available features can be organized into subsets according to a notion of(More)
Representational Similarity Learning (RSL) aims to discover features that are important in representing (human-judged) similarities among objects. RSL can be posed as a sparsity-regularized multi-task regression problem. Standard methods, like group lasso, may not select important features if they are strongly correlated with others. To address this(More)
Binary logistic regression with a sparsity constraint on the solution plays a vital role in many high dimensional machine learning applications. In some cases, the features can be grouped together, so that entire subsets of features can be selected or zeroed out. In many applications, however, this can be very restrictive. In this paper, we are interested(More)
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