Christopher R Barnes

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The Ordovician Period, long considered a supergreenhouse state, saw one of the greatest radiations of life in Earth's history. Previous temperature estimates of up to approximately 70 degrees C have spawned controversial speculation that the oxygen isotopic composition of seawater must have evolved over geological time. We present a very different global(More)
Breastfeeding is a complex task for many mothers but may be particularly difficult when coping with the birth of a preterm. In the following article the task of breastfeeding a preterm neonate is identified as one facet of the parenting process and the many problems encountered when breastfeeding are highlighted. Research is presented which investigates(More)
INTRODUCTION Self-efficacy matches the belief that a person has that she is able to produce the results she wants to achieve. The beliefs of self-efficacy that parents have about the baby emerge as a powerful predictor of positive parenting. The concept of self-efficacy emerged between the years 1940 and 1980 and corresponds to the belief that a person can(More)
Food allergy is often a lifelong condition and has been shown to have a significant impact on the quality of life of the patient and parents due to the complexity of managing food allergy to avoid potentially life threatening reactions (Cummings et al., 2010). Parental confidence or self-efficacy in managing food allergy for their child has not been(More)
Detailed descriptions and stratigraphic analysis of 159 species of foraminifers recovered from six existing wells drilled in the Tofino Basin, offshore Vancouver Island support the establishment of 10 zones, ranging from upper Eocene to Pleistocene-Recent. The newly refined stratigraphic ages improve correlations between the offshore Tofino Basin and(More)
The traditional view that the activity of the baby's hands are triggered by a stimulus in an automatic, compulsory, stereotyped way and persisting view that fingering does not occur prior to 4 months of age, have led perception researchers to the assumption that the processing, encoding, and retainment of sensory information could not take place through the(More)
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