Christopher Pritchard

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OBJECTIVE To assess the safety, tolerability and efficacy of abatacept in patients with rheumatoid arthritis (RA) who had failed anti-tumour necrosis factor (TNF) therapy and were switched to abatacept directly or after completing washout. METHODS In this international, 6-month, open-label trial, patients had active RA, an inadequate response to anti-TNF(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the effectiveness of tumour necrosis factor alpha (TNFalpha) inhibitor treatment for sarcoidosis refractory to conventional treatments. METHODS Five patients (two men, three women) were treated with infliximab. All patients received a loading dose of 3 mg/kg at 0, 2, and 6 weeks and then maintenance infusions every 4-8 weeks. Patients(More)
AIMS It has been suggested that patients with T1-2 breast tumours and sentinel node (SLN) micrometastases, defined as foci of tumour cells smaller than 2 mm, may be spared completion axillary lymph node dissection because of the low incidence of further metastatic disease. To gain insight into the extent of non-sentinel lymph node (n-SLN) involvement, SLNs(More)
The reactivity of ambulatory blood pressure following a given change in everyday physical activities is highest in the morning. Whether the acute response of blood pressure following a controlled bout of steady-state exercise is influenced by time of day is examined in this study. After 45 min of supine rest, 12 male normotensives completed 30 min of(More)
OBJECTIVES This study determined the accuracy of workers in quantifying occupational physical demands on a self-administered questionnaire. METHODS First, a self-administered questionnaire on work postures, manual materials-handling, and repetitive upper-limb movements was validated using direct simultaneous observations for 123 randomly selected(More)
OBJECTIVE To compare estimates of the occurrence of shoulder pain according to (a) different approaches to defining 'shoulder' and (b) restricting the definition to only include those with associated disability. METHODS A postal questionnaire survey was sent to a sample of 500 patients registered with a general practice in south Manchester. After(More)
Bone mineral density (BMD) and hip axis length (HAL) are important determinants of fracture risk in women. There are, however, few data concerning their predictive risk in men. The aim of this study was to determine the relationship between BMD, HAL and the risk of hip fracture in men. A case–control design was used. Cases were men aged 50 years and over(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the influence of short term work related psychosocial factors (work demands, job control, and social support) and psychological distress on regional pain syndromes. METHODS Newly employed workers were recruited from 12 occupational groups and information collected by questionnaire. Subjects indicated on a blank body manikin any low(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine, in a population based study, the influence of occupational factors on the occurrence of shoulder pain and disability. METHODS A random sample of patients was selected from the register of a general practice in the Greater Manchester area of the United Kingdom. Information was collected by a posted questionnaire with specific(More)
OBJECTIVE To estimate the individual and combined associations of physical and psychosocial working environment with disabling shoulder pain and to identify groups at "high risk" for shoulder pain. METHODS A cross sectional survey was conducted at five manual occupational settings in south Manchester, United Kingdom (n=775, 83%). RESULTS Both the(More)