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INTRODUCTION Mesoamerican nephropathy, also known as chronic kidney disease of unknown etiology, is widespread in Pacific coastal Central America. The cause of the epidemic is unknown, but the disease may be linked to multiple factors, including diet as well as environmental and occupational exposures. As many as 50% of men in some communities have(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Recombinant human erythropoietin (rhEPO; Epoetin-alpha; PROCRITtrade mark) has been shown to exert neuroprotective and restorative effects in a variety of CNS injury models. However, limited information is available regarding the dose levels required for these beneficial effects or the neuronal responses that may underlie them. Here(More)
PURPOSE The aim of this study was a comparison of the diagnostic value of time-of-flight magnetic resonance angiography (TOF-MRA) and contrast-enhanced (CE) MRA in the setting of acute stroke MRI. The hypothesis was that CE-MRA has at least the same diagnostic value as the commonly used TOF-MRA. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 66 stroke patients(More)
The relationship between in vitro radiation sensitivity and colony-forming efficiency has been examined for primary human tumors of the cervix, colorectum, and lymph gland. Tumors were cultured using the Courtenay-Mills soft agar clonogenic assay and radiosensitivity was assessed as surviving fraction at 2 Gy. There was no correlation between colony-forming(More)
A case is described of traumatic separation of the proximal femoral epiphysis associated with a fracture of the mid-shaft of the same femur in a two-year-old girl. The rarity of this injury is emphasized and its treatment outlined. No similar reports could be found, and the relevant literature is reviewed.
Initiatives to maximize the purchasing power of DOD's health care dollars are critical to DOD's ability to function within an increasingly constrained federal budget and to provide a quality medical benefit for military family members. The CHAMPUS Reform Initiative and Fiscal Intermediary Managed Care, two leading edge programs, hold great promise in(More)
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