Christopher Perez

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In this paper, we present a study of the effects of structural holds and rigidity of a flexible display on touch pointing and dragging performance. We discuss an observational study in which we collected common holds used when pointing on a mockup paper display. We also measured the force patterns each hold generated within the display surface. We analyzed(More)
In this paper, we introduce a multi-touch display surface that can be dynamically deformed from a flat circular display to a convex or concave hemispherical display. A rubber latex material is used for the display surface allowing it to inflate or deflate as air is pumped into or out of an airtight container. The elasticity of the display surface also(More)
Four hundred and thirty-two Spanish Giant rabbits were fed 12 diets of variable energy to protein ratio [kcal digestible energy (DE)/g digestible crude protein (DCP)] from weaning to slaughter, both at different ages and weights. Body composition analysis for various chemical components indicated that body weight accounted for the greatest part of the(More)
We consider the CSS algorithm relating self-orthogonal classical linear codes to q-ary quantum stabilizer codes and we show that to such a pair of a classical and a quantum code one can associate geometric spaces constructed using methods from noncommutative geometry, arising from rational noncommutative tori and finite abelian group actions on Cuntz(More)
Few-layer graphene (FLG) supported ruthenium nanoparticle catalysts were synthesized and used for the hydrogenation of levulinic acid (LA), one of the " top 10 " biomass platform molecules derived from carbohydrates. FLG-supported ruthenium catalyst showed 99.7% conversion and 100% selectivity toward γ-valerolactone (GVL) at room temperature in a batch(More)
In the present work, composites based on a commercial starch/PCL blend (MaterBi-Z) reinforced with three different nanoclays: natural montmorillonite (Cloisite Na(+) (MMT)) and two modified montmorillonites (Cloisite 30B (C30B) and Cloisite 10A (C10A)) were prepared in an intensive mixer. The aim of this investigation was to determine the effect of the(More)
Gorgonians respond to insult (damage and disease) by producing sclerites containing a purple pigment as opposed to the normal white sclerites. Raman microscopy is used to study the purple areas of three species of diseased coral, Gorgonia ventalina, Pseudoplexaura porosa, and Eunicea laciniata obtained from Puerto Rico. These spectra were compared to(More)
Earth abundant element clathrate phases are of interest for a number of applications ranging from photovoltaics to thermoelectrics. Silicon-containing type I clathrate is a framework structure with the stoichiometry A 8-x Si 46 (A = guest atom such as alkali metal) that can be tuned by alloying and doping with other elements. The type I clathrate framework(More)
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