Christopher Peacocke

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  • David Enoch, Joshua Schechter, Cian Dorr, Greg Epstein, Hartry Field, Anna-Sara Malmgren +6 others
  • 2006
In this paper, we present an account of in virtue of what thinkers are justified in employing certain basic belief-forming methods. The guiding idea is inspired by Reichenbach's work on induction. There are certain projects in which thinkers are rationally required to engage. Thinkers are epistemically justified in employing a belief-forming method that is(More)
1 Paul Boghossian NYU Epistemic relativism has the contemporary academy in its grip. Not merely in the United States, but seemingly everywhere, most scholars working in the humanities and the social sciences seem to subscribe to some form of it. Even where the label is repudiated, the view is embraced. Sometimes the relativism in question concerns truth,(More)
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