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This paper outlines a series of experiments to develop asynchronous messaging systems for preschool aged children. Three unique systems build on a foundational design called Toaster, a jack-in-the box toy with embedded mobile phone that allows children to playfully take and share electronic media. Orange Toaster allows children to create and share(More)
Increasingly, smartphones are being used to access all manner of information: email messages, Facebook status updates, tweets, RSS feeds, photographs and more. Approaches to dealing with this multi-faceted information stream developed on the desktop, such as switching between multiple applications or multiple browser windows, are unwieldy and scale poorly(More)
Electric Agents is a cross-media game that presents new ways for children to actively engage with television content. In the game Manny, a member of the Pranksters, steals words out of the mouth of Hector, a member of The Electric Company team, and hides them to prevent the story from progressing. Children collaborate through a mobile augmented reality(More)
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