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Religion among Academic Scientists: Distinctions, Disciplines, and Demographics
The religiosity of scientists is a persistent topic of interest and debate among both popular and academic commentators. Researchers look to this population as a case study for understanding the
Examining Links Between Religion, Evolution Views, and Climate Change Skepticism
Recent media portrayals link climate change skepticism to evolution skepticism, often as part of a larger “antiscience” tendency related to membership in conservative religious groups. Using national
Individual Religiosity and Orientation towards Science: Reformulating Relationships
The religion-science relationship has been the focus of a growing body of research. Such analyses have often suffered from poorly specified concepts related to religion and to science. At the
Beyond the In-Person Interview? How Interview Quality Varies Across In-person, Telephone, and Skype Interviews
Conducting qualitative interviews in-person is usually presented as the gold standard, with other modes being seen as inferior. There have been arguments, however, that remote interviews, such as t...
Religion among Scientists in International Context
Scientists have long been associated with religion’s decline around the world. But little data permit analysis of the religiosity of scientists or their perceptions of the science-faith interface.
Scientists and religious leaders compete for cultural authority of science
Drawing on a nationally representative survey of US adults, it is shown that religiosity is a strong positive predictor of looking to religious sources for scientific information, but it does not deter seeking out scientific sources.
Sexual Identity and Attitudes About Gender Roles
Studies have shown that attitudes about gender roles and attitudes about sexuality are often intertwined. Heterosexual individuals expressing more traditional gender role attitudes, for example, tend
Politics and the Perceived Boundaries of Science: Activism, Sociology, and Scientific Legitimacy
Research has suggested that public confidence in the scientific community has become politicized, but it is not clear that liberals and conservatives disagree on the more fundamental question of what