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How to scale-up mixing processes in non-Newtonian fluids
IQUID AGITATION IS A COMMON UNIT operation in the chemical engineering and biological process industries, and its practical use is widely published (1, 2). However, most of the literature on liquidExpand
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Second-generation tags for fluorous chemistry exemplified with a new fluorous Mitsunobu reagent.
A new fluorous DEAD reagent bearing two perfluoro-tert-butyloxy groups with propylene spacers shows excellent promise for use in fluorous Mitsunobu reactions. Pure target products were obtained inExpand
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Large area, flexible ordered mesoporous carbon films from soft templating on polymer substrates
Mesoporous carbon films are generally fabricated on rigid substrates that act to provide mechanical stability. Here, instead of utilizing rigid substrates, a thin sheet of polyimide (Kapton) isExpand
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Junction to case thermal resistance variability due to temperature induced package warpage
In-situ junction-to-case thermal resistance (Theta JC) measurements are sensitive to a number of test condition factors. In this paper, the effect of electronic package die temperature onExpand
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Thermal performance of TIMs during compressive and tensile stress states
Due to the differences in thermal expansion coefficients (CTE) of materials within a microelectronic package, a package can warp in convex and concave shapes during temperature excursions of assemblyExpand
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Vehicle power generating device having a continuous loop shape memory alloy
A power generation system comprising a first region having a first temperature and a second region. A conduit is located at least partly in the first region. A heat engine, which is designed forExpand
Impact of Magneto-Electric Materials and Devices on Tactical Radio (and Radar)
Abstract : The interest in incorporating ME materials in electronic devices has been reinvigorated by the promising electric-field based control of magnetization or magnetization-based control ofExpand
Cassava Starch-Mixed Polypropylene Biodegradable Polymer: Preparation, Characterization and Effects of Biodegradation Products on Growth of Plants
Blends of plasticized cassava starch (PCS) plasticized compatibilized cassava starch (PCCS) and polypropylenes (PP) were prepared using an injection molding process. Tensile, water absorption andExpand
With an active material activated cover
Cover system comprising: a cover; and a component with an active material in operative communication with the cover; wherein the component comprises an active material with an active material, whichExpand