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Who gets strongyloidiasis? Strongyloidiasis is most commonly encountered in subSaharan Africa, South America, and South East Asia, where prevalence may exceed 20%. The disease is also encountered in resident populations of the south eastern United States and in parts of southern Europe, in particular Spain and Italy. In the United Kingdom, strongyloidiasis(More)
Predator avoidance of noxious prey, aposematism and defensive mimicry are normally associated with bright, contrasting patterns and colours. However, noxious prey may be unable to evolve conspicuous coloration because of other selective constraints, such as the need to be inconspicuous to their own prey or to specialist predators. Many venomous snakes,(More)
Publication of the Hall report has prompted many health authorities to cut back on the range of routine child health screening programmes. In some areas health visitors are playing a less central role in child health surveillance. James Law and Carrie Pollard argue the need for routine screening of all children for speech and language delay, and that health(More)
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