Christopher P. McLellan

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The purpose of this study was to examine a) the relationship between rate of force development (RFD) and vertical jump (VJ) performance during a counter movement jump (CMJ), and b) the reliability of RFD recorded during the CMJ and squat jump (SJ) forms of the VJ. Twenty-three physically active men aged 23 ± 3.9 years participated in the study. Subjects(More)
Compare capillary and venous blood in the analysis of concentration and function of leucocyte sub-populations. This study hypothesised that capillary samples may be used in a site-specific manner as an alternative source of blood samples for assays of leucocyte concentration and neutrophilic phagocytic function and reactive oxygen species (ROS) production,(More)
BACKGROUND Rugby union is a collision-based ball sport played at the professional level internationally. Rugby union has one of the highest reported incidences of injury of all team sports. PURPOSE To identify the characteristics, incidence, and severity of injuries occurring in Australian professional Super Rugby Union. DESIGN Descriptive epidemiology(More)
Adequate sleep is paramount to athlete recovery and performance, however little is know about the typical sleep patterns of professional rugby union players during home based training and match-play in the competitive season. AIM The aim of the present study was to monitor changes in sleep quantity and efficiency of elite male rugby union players over a(More)
Evidence from rats that morphine tolerance is a learned response. Development of context-specific tolerance to morphine:Support for a dual-process interpretation. (2007). Affects of extinction context and retrieval cues on renewal of alcohol-cue reactivity among alcohol-dependent outpatients. (2009). Abnormal pain response in pain-sensitive piate addicts(More)
1 Financial sector fraud is a topical subject at the moment, with several recent high profile cases raising both public and industry awareness. This research used psychometric techniques to discover if people with and without a formal education in Computer Science have different perceptions of risk in relation to the factors that can contribute towards this(More)
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