Christopher P. Herzog

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We show that a simple gravitational theory can provide a holographically dual description of a superconductor. There is a critical temperature, below which a charged condensate forms via a second order phase transition and the (dc) conductivity becomes infinite. The frequency dependent conductivity develops a gap determined by the condensate. We find(More)
In important recent developments, new Sasaki-Einstein spaces Y p,q and conformal gauge theories dual to AdS5 × Y p,q have been constructed. We consider a stack of N D3-branes and M wrapped D5-branes at the apex of a cone over Y . Replacing the D-branes by their fluxes, we construct asymptotic solutions for all p and q in the form of warped products of the(More)
We provide a detailed map between wrapped D3-branes in Anti-de Sitter (AdS) backgrounds and dibaryon operators in the corresponding conformal field theory (CFT). The effective five dimensional action governing the dynamics of AdS space contains a U(1)R gauge field that mediates interactions between objects possessing R-charge. We show that the U(1)R charge(More)
We interpret D-strings at the bottom of the warped deformed conifold as axionic strings in the dual cascading SU(N + M) × SU(N) gauge theory. The axion is a massless pseudo-scalar glueball which we find in the supergravity fluctuation spectrum and interpret as the Goldstone boson of spontaneously broken U(1) baryon number symmetry. The existence of this(More)
We derive type II supergravity solutions corresponding to space-filling regular and fractional Dp branes on (9− p)-dimensional conical transverse spaces. Fractional Dp-branes are wrapped D(p + 2)-branes; therefore, our solutions exist only if the base of the cone has a non-vanishing Betti number b2. We also consider 11-dimensional SUGRA solutions(More)
Hanany, Strassler and Zaffaroni (HSZ) showed in hep-th/9707244 that, in the MQCD approach to confiningN = 1 supersymmetric SU(M) gauge theory, the tension of a string ending on q external quarks is proportional to sin(πq/M), q = 1, . . . ,M − 1. In this paper we calculate the ratios of the q-string tensions using the recently derived type IIB gravity duals(More)
The low energy gauge theory living on D-branes probing a del Pezzo singularity of a noncompact Calabi-Yau manifold is not unique. In fact there is a large equivalence class of such gauge theories related by Seiberg duality. As a step toward characterizing this class, we show that Seiberg duality can be defined consistently as an admissible mutation of a(More)