Christopher P. Grant

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OBJECTIVE To compare the social functioning of individuals experiencing their first episodes of schizophrenia with those who have experienced multiple episodes and with nonpsychiatrically ill control subjects. METHOD Subjects included 40 patients with first-episode (FE) schizophrenia, 40 patients with multiepisode (ME) schizophrenia, and a control group(More)
Visual illusions often appear to have a larger influence on subjective judgments than on visuomotor behavior. Although this effect has been taken as evidence for multiple estimates of stimulus size in the visual brain, dissociations between subjective judgments and visuomotor measures can frequently be reconciled with a single-estimate model. To circumvent(More)
BACKGROUND Prior studies of physical functioning after critical illness have been mostly limited to survivors of acute respiratory distress syndrome. The purpose of this study was to objectively assess muscle strength and physical functioning in survivors of critical illness from a general ICU and the associations of these measures to health-related quality(More)
A nonlinear convection-diffusion equation with boundary conditions that conserve the spatial integral of the solution is considered. Previous results on finite-time blowup of solutions and on decay of solutions to the corresponding Cauchy problem were based on the assumption that the nonlin-earity obeyed a power law. In this paper, it is shown that(More)
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