Christopher P Borella

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Peptide deformylase activity was thought to be limited to ribosomal protein synthesis in prokaryotes, where new peptides are initiated with an N-formylated methionine. We describe here a new human peptide deformylase (Homo sapiens PDF, or HsPDF) that is localized to the mitochondria. HsPDF is capable of removing formyl groups from N-terminal methionines of(More)
Novel second-generation taxoids with systematic modifications at the C2, C10, and C3'N positions were synthesized and their structure-activity relationships studied. A number of these taxoids exhibited exceptionally high potency against multidrug-resistant cell lines, and several taxoids exhibited virtually no difference in potency against the(More)
A series of novel taxane-based multidrug resistance (MDR) reversal agents (TRAs) has been designed and synthesized. Structure-activity relationship (SAR) study clearly indicates that modification of the C-7 position with hydrophobic arenecarbonylcinnamoyl groups brings about high potency against drug efflux mediated by P-glycoprotein (P-gp). Six TRAs(More)
A series of second-generation taxoids bearing a substituent on the C-2-benzoyl group and modifications at C-3'/C-10 positions was synthesized. These taxoids exhibited 2-3 orders of magnitude higher potency than that of paclitaxel against drug-resistant human breast cancer cell lines. It is also noteworthy that three taxoids showed almost no difference in(More)
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