Christopher Orlan Cox

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We present a machine learning approach to robust textual inference, in which parses of the text and the hypothesis sentences are used to measure their asymmetric “similarity”, and thereby to decide if the hypothesis can be inferred. This idea is realized in two different ways. In the first, each sentence is represented as a graph (extracted from a(More)
We initially describe a feature-rich discriminative Conditional Random Field (CRF) model for Information Extraction in the workshop announcements domain, which offers good baseline performance in the PASCAL shared task. We then propose a method for leveraging domain knowledge in Information Extraction tasks, scoring candidate document labellings as(More)
These consensual guidelines and recommendations address the potential utility of DNA cytometry in characterizing human malignancies. They are provided to inform laboratory personnel, pathologists, and clinicians about DNA cytometry. For individual patients, use of DNA cytometry, selection of specific techniques, and interpretation and utilization of results(More)
This study was designed to determine rates of primary care physician compliance with recommendations made by physician-consultants at an Alzheimer's disease center. A mail survey was sent to primary care physicians, who were asked to indicate which recommendations had been implemented and to select reasons for lack of adherence. The response rate was 53(More)
Abstract. We consider the Stokes-Oldroyd equations, defined here as the Stokes equations with the Newtonian constitutive equation explicitly included. Thus a polymer-like stress tensor is included so that the dependent variable structure of a viscoelastic model is in place. The energy equation is coupled with the mass, momentum, and constitutive equations(More)
Methodology for the practical synthesis of nonnatural amino acids has been developed through the catalytic, asymmetric alkylation of R-imino esters and N,O-acetals by enol silanes, ketene acetals, alkenes, and allylsilanes using chiral transition metal-phosphine complexes as catalysts (1-5 mol %). The alkylation products, which are prepared with high(More)
A sequence of nonnegative integers π = (d1, d2, ..., dn) is graphic if there is a (simple) graph G of order n having degree sequence π. In this case, G is said to realize or be a realization of π. Given a graph H, a graphic sequence π is potentially H-graphic if there is some realization of π that contains H as a subgraph. In this paper, we consider a(More)
The question as to whether the shape of a drum can be heard has existed for around fifty years. The simple answer is ‘no’ as shown through the construction of isospectral domains. Isospectral domains are non-isometric domains that display the same spectra of frequencies of sound. These frequencies, deduced from the eigenvalues of the Laplacian, are(More)
Water resources are increasingly impacted by growing human populations, land use, and climate changes, and complex interactions among biophysical processes. In an effort to better understand these factors in semiarid northern Utah, United States, we created a real-time observatory consisting of sensors deployed at aquatic and terrestrial stations to monitor(More)