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The Curse of Ham in the Early Modern Era: The Bible and the Justifications for Slavery . By David M. Whitford. St. Andrews Studies in Reformation History. Burlington, Vt.: Ashgate, 2009. xiv + 217
the legend of the mystic’s bilocating doppelganger—whom the Jumano Indians referred to as the “lady in blue.” Aside from an incongruous nod in the afterword to quantum physics (which the authorExpand
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The Birth of an Empire of Two Churches: Church Property, Theologians, and the League of Schmalkalden
Did the creation of Protestant churches in Germany during Luther's generation follow someone's intentions? Heiko Oberman, appealing to a medieval Luther, portrays the reformer as herald of a dawningExpand
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Enduring Loss in Early Modern Germany
Cross-disciplinary perspectives on responses to material and spiritual loss in early modern Germany trace how individuals and communities registered, coped with, and made sense of deprivation throughExpand
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Politics and reformations : histories and reformations : essays in honor of Thomas A. Brady, Jr.
List of Illustrations Preface Bibliography of the Works of Thomas A. Brady 1. Tempests and Sturme in Reformation Studies: Some Scholarly and Personal Observations, Kaspar von Greyerz 2. TheExpand
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Church Robbers and Reformers in Germany, 1525-1547: Confiscation and Religious Purpose in the Holy Roman Empire
List of Illustrations Abbreviations Preface Introduction 1. Church Property 2. Church Robbers 3. The League of Schmalkalden and the Imperial Chamber Court 4. Theological Advice 5. Toward a CommonExpand
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Ritual Murder and the Subjectivity of Christ: A Choice in Medieval Christianity *
This is a study of the emotional context of certain medieval anti-Jewish legends. It examines how the stories redefined the composition of society, the relation of this to popular devotion, and theExpand
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Calvin In Germany
In Germany, John Calvin basked in the sunshine of illustrious evangelicals. It was no asylum or retreat. After arriving, he found himself in the ranks of theological advisors to the ProtestantExpand
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Politics and reformations : communities, polities, nations, and empires : essays in honor of Thomas A. Brady, Jr.
List of Illustrations Preface Bibliography of the Works of Thomas A. Brady PART I. COMMUNITIES 1. The City-State in the German-speaking Lands, Tom Scott 2. The Topography of Sacred Space and theExpand
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