Christopher N Rowley

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This is a review. Non-electrolytic compounds typically cross cell membranes by passive diffusion. The rate of permeation is dependent on the chemical properties of the solute and the composition of the lipid bilayer membrane. Predicting the permeability coefficient of a solute is important in pharmaceutical chemistry and toxicology. Molecular simulation has(More)
Methods for the calculation of the pKa ionizable amino acids are valuable tools for understanding pH-dependent properties of proteins. Cysteine is unique among the amino acids because of the chemical reactivity of its thiol group (S-H), which plays an instrumental role in several biochemical and regulatory functions. The acidity of noncatalytic cysteine(More)
The solvation of carbon monoxide (CO) in liquid water is important for understanding its toxicological effects and biochemical roles. In this paper, we use ab initio molecular dynamics (AIMD) and CCSD(T)-F12 calculations to assess the accuracy of the Straub and Karplus molecular mechanical (MM) model for CO(aq). The CCSD(T)-F12 CO-H2O potential energy(More)
In this review, we present a summary of how computer modeling has been used in the development of covalent-modifier drugs. Covalent-modifier drugs bind by forming a chemical bond with their target. This covalent binding can improve the selectivity of the drug for a target with complementary reactivity and result in increased binding affinities due to the(More)
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