Christopher N. Bond

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Suppose a long-running analytical query is executing on a database server and has been allocated a large amount of physical memory. A high-priority task comes in and we need to run it immediately with all available resources. We have several choices. We could swap out the old query to disk, but writing out a large execution state may take too much time.(More)
Cricotracheal separation (CTS) is an uncommon injury, with a high index of suspicion required to establish the diagnosis. Computerized tomography (CT) plays a role in diagnosis but cannot necessarily be relied upon. Bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve (RLN) palsies are usually associated with this type of injury. We recently treated a patient with CTS in(More)
Consider a long-running, resource-intensive query Q running on a database management system (DBMS). Suppose another task T with much higher priority arrives, and we need to process T as quickly as possible and with all available resources. Ideally, the system should suspend the execution of Q, quickly release all resources held by Q, and start T using all(More)
Renal impairment is a common complication of multiple myeloma and deterioration in renal function or renal failure may complicate clinical management. This retrospective study in patients with multiple myeloma using an electronic medical records database was designed to estimate the prevalence of renal impairment (single occurrence of estimated glomerular(More)
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