Christopher Mueller

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In this study, we examine the use of graph ordering algorithms for visual analysis of data sets using visual similarity matrices. Visual similarity matrices display the relationships between data items in a dot-matrix plot format, with the axes labeled with the data items and points drawn if there is a relationship between two data items. The biggest(More)
Visual similarity matrices (VSMs) are a common technique for visualizing graphs and other types of relational data. While traditionally used for small data sets or well-ordered large data sets, they have recently become popular for visualizing large graphs. However , our experience with users has revealed that large VSMs are difficult to interpret. In this(More)
Many applications in Comparative Genomics lend themselves to implementations that take advantage of common high-performance features in modern microprocessors. However, the common suggestion that a data-parallel, multithreaded, or high-throughput implementation is possible often ignores the complexity of actually creating such software. In this paper, we(More)
BACKGROUND Sharks are members of the taxonomic class Chondrichthyes, the oldest living jawed vertebrates. Genomic studies of this group, in comparison to representative species in other vertebrate taxa, will allow us to theorize about the fundamental genetic, developmental, and functional characteristics in the common ancestor of all jawed vertebrates. (More)
BACKGROUND The lycophytes are an ancient lineage of vascular plants that diverged from the seed plant lineage about 400 Myr ago. Although the lycophytes occupy an important phylogenetic position for understanding the evolution of plants and their genomes, no genomic resources exist for this group of plants. RESULTS Here we describe the construction of a(More)
While there exist many interactive tools for the visualization of small graphs and networks, these tools do not address the fundamental problems associated with the visualization of large graphs. In particular, larger graphs require much larger display areas (e.g., display walls) to reduce visual clutter, allowing users to determine the structure of large(More)
Cocaine addiction is characterized by a persistently heightened susceptibility to drug relapse. For this reason, the identification of medications that prevent drug relapse is a critical goal of drug abuse research. Drug re-exposure, the onset of stressful life events, and exposure to cues previously associated with drug use have been identified as(More)
This study examined the role of group1 metabotropic glutamate receptor mGluR5 and associated postsynaptic scaffolding protein Homer1b/c in behavioral plasticity after three withdrawal treatments from cocaine self-administration. Rats self-administered cocaine or saline for 14 days followed by a withdrawal period during which rats underwent extinction(More)
Scripting languages are ubiquitous in modern software engineering and are often used as the sole language for application development. However, some applications, specifically scientific and multimedia applications, often have small sections of code that require a higher level of performance than the host language can deliver. In many cases, the algorithm(More)