Christopher Morrell

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A family of studies investigating the impact of program identifier style on human comprehension is presented. Two popular identifier styles are examined, namely camel case and underscore. The underlying hypothesis is that identifier style affects the speed and accuracy of comprehending source code. To investigate this hypothesis, five studies were designed(More)
Routing protocols for wireless sensor networks face two challenges. One is an efficient bandwidth usage which requires minimum delay between transfers of packets. Establishing permanent routes from the source to destination addresses this challenge since the received packet can be immediately transmitted to the next node. However, any disruption on the(More)
People are always looking for a way to visualize a problem. Whether that be by creating a 3-dimensional model, building a graph, or simply drawing on a board. The issue of visualizing a problem also finds its way into networking, and more specifically wireless sensor networking. Many networking simulation tools exist, and while some are very good at(More)
New approaches to Quality-of-Service (QoS) Routing in wireless sensor networks which use different forms of learning are the subject of this paper. The Cognitive Packet Network (CPN) algorithm uses smart packets for path discovery, together with reinforcement learning and neural networks, while Self-Selective Routing (SSR) is based on the " Ant Colony "(More)
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