Christopher Mol

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Measurements are reported on the propagation velocity of ultrasound in muscle tissue. This appears to be dependent on fiber direction for various muscle types (in vitro). Typical results are 1550 m/s perpendicular and 1557 m/s parallel to fiber direction (20 degrees C). A model is drawn up to relate such data to the elastic properties of muscle. It is shown(More)
OBJECTIVE Exposure to blood-borne diseases remains an occupational risk. Mandates have improved training in how to report exposures for all health-care workers. How exposure rates of surgical residents correlate with experience and mandatory training to reduce risk is not known. It was hypothesized that enhanced training would result in an increased(More)
The extraction and subsequent liquid chromatographic analysis of human plasma samples for cortisol is described. Extraction and chromatography are optimized, resulting in a recovery for cortisol of 96% and a detection limit of 1 microgram cortisol in 100 ml plasma. The application of two chemically modified silicas has been evaluated. The specificity of the(More)
Many models for the study of the pump function of the heart emphasize the importance of cardiac geometry and detailed dimensional data. Because of the lack of accurate measuring techniques, approximate geometries such as shells of revolution have been applied. In this study, methods are presented that measure the dynamic geometry of the working, isolated(More)
A method for making three-dimensional computer graphics displays of in vivo blood vessels is described. Input data are taken from biplane X-ray angiograms using an image-processing system. A display list is built up which is then sent to a high-function graphics system. Real-time interaction is possible using a vector-refresh display where the blood vessel(More)
Analysis of the geometry of the beating heart may yield important information about its condition and function, and may reveal physiologically and clinically relevant information about the influence of regional malfunctioning on the integral heart performance. In this study, a method has been developed which will ultimately allow the determination of the(More)
Evaluation of the function of implanted prosthetic valves is important in early diagnosis of valve dysfunction. Björk-Shiley valves contain two radiopaque rings, which are projected as ellipses in cineradiography. From these ellipses the actual valve opening angle can be calculated. A computer-aided method was developed that enables measurement of ellipse(More)
1. In urine of rats treated with 1',2'-epoxyhexobarbital, unchanged compound and six metabolites were identified: 1,5-dimethylbarbituric acid, which is the end product of an epoxide-diol pathway, two stereochemically different 3'-hydroxy-1',2'-epoxyhexobarbitals, a hydroxyfuropyrimidine, 3'-hydroxyhexobarbital and 3'-ketohexobarbital. 2. The analytical(More)
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