Christopher Mitchell

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Vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF-A) is a major regulator of blood vessel formation and function. It controls several processes in endothelial cells, such as proliferation, survival, and migration, but it is not known how these are coordinately regulated to result in more complex morphogenetic events, such as tubular sprouting, fusion, and network(More)
Recent technological trends indicate that future datacen-ter networks will incorporate High Performance Computing network features, such as ultra-low latency and CPU bypassing. How can these features be exploited in datacenter-scale systems infrastructure? In this paper , we explore the design of a distributed in-memory key-value store called Pilaf that(More)
—A significant challenge in the development of robust wireless networking protocols is often the need to prototype and test these protocols in a small-scale setting before they can be widely deployed. Two contrasting prototyping and testing methods are currently used, requiring a choice between convenience and accuracy. The first involves simulating a(More)
—The extensive recent research in protocols development for wireless networks must be complemented with simple yet efficient prototyping and evaluation mechanism. MiNT-2 is a miniaturized multi-hop wireless network testbed that addresses this challenge by combining the benefits of existing protocol evaluations strategies: simulations and custom built large(More)
What motivates individuals to regulate their emotions? One answer, which has been highlighted in emotion-regulation research, is that individuals are motivated by short-term hedonic goals (e.g., the motivation to feel pleasure). Another answer, however, is that individuals are motivated by instrumental goals (e.g., the motivation to perform certain(More)
Between 1980 and 2001, the United Kingdom Medical Research Council Childhood Leukemia Working Party conducted four clinical trials in acute lymphoblastic leukaemia (ALL), which recruited a total of 6516 patients. UKALL VIII examined the role of daunorubicin in induction chemotherapy, and UKALL X examined the role of post-induction intensification. Both(More)
We present Oolong, a distributed programming framework designed for sparse asynchronous applications such as distributed web crawling, shortest paths, and connected components. Oolong stores program state in distributed in-memory key-value tables on which user-defined triggers may be set. Triggers can be activated whenever a key-value pair is modified. The(More)
—The proliferation of wireless-enabled portable computing devices has spurred a growing need for efficient and powerful networking protocols. The key challenge in the development of robust wireless networking protocols is an ability to conduct effective and efficient evaluation of the protocol in order to ensure its successful working in real-world(More)
—With the emergence of data-intensive applications, recent years have seen a fast-growing volume of I/O traffic propagated through the local I/O interconnect bus. This raises up a question for storage servers on how to resolve such a potential bottleneck. In this paper, we present a hierarchical Data Cache Architecture called DCA to effectively slash local(More)