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Retrospective comparisons of the prevalence and age, where appropriate, of some childhood infectious illnesses and vaccinations, together with serological evidence for exposure to 16 viruses, many of which have previously been implicated in the aetiology of multiple sclerosis (MS) were made in 177 patients with acute optic neuritis, other recent isolated(More)
When pregnant mice were inoculated on day 1 of gestation with polyoma, some of them exhibited total resorption or reduced litter size, the extent depending on the dose of virus. Virus was detected in 4 out of 11 mouse embryo fibroblast (MEF) cultures made from infected mothers. After maternal infection on day 5 or 10 of gestation, virus titers of up to(More)
Female mice infected at birth with 10(7) 50% tissue culture infective doses of polyoma virus were mated when at least 6 weeks old. Polyoma was not detected in any tissues of 27 female mice before mating except for trace amounts in the kidneys of 2 mice, but late in gestation polyoma virus could be found in the kidneys of 21 of 38 mice with titers of 10(3.7)(More)
Mouse cytomegalovirus (MCMV) grew to higher titres in spleen, liver, kidney and salivary gland of mice, and caused more sickness and death in susceptible (CD1) mice following treatment with anti-interferon globulin (AIG). In the resistant (C3H) strain of mice, organ titres were higher following AIG treatment but there was no sickness or mortality. Spleen(More)