Christopher Menzel

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(PSL) has been designed to facilitate correct and complete exchange of process information among manufacturing systems, such as scheduling, process model-ing, process planning, production planning, simulation, project management, work flow, and business-process reengineering. We give an overview of the theories within the PSL ontology, discuss some of the(More)
The distinction between reference ontologies and application ontologies crept rather unobtrusively into the recent literature on knowledge engineering. A lot of the discourse surrounding this distinction – notably, the one framing the workshop generating this collection of papers – suggests the two types of ontologies are in some sort of opposition to one(More)
Computer networks are nearly as old as computers themselves. However, prior to the Internet — the infrastructure of the Web — such networks were all closed: only designated computers — within the same business or organization — were able to join and, typically, each network had strict control over the sorts of information would be exchanged on the network(More)
The fundamental principle of the theory of possible worlds is that a proposition p is possible if and only if there is a possible world at which p is true. In this paper we present a valid derivation of this principle from a more general theory in which possible worlds are defined rather than taken as primitive. The general theory uses a primitive modality(More)