Christopher Martinez

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BACKGROUND Trauma to the head and neck with military munitions often presents with complex multisystem injury patterns. Vascular evaluation typically focuses on the carotid and vertebral arteries; however, trauma to branches of the external carotid artery may also result in devastating complications. Pseudoaneurysms are the most frequent finding on delayed(More)
An electrocardiogram (ECG) / blood pressure (BP) telemonitor consisting of comprehensive integration of various electrical engineering concepts, devices, and methods was developed. This personal digital assistant-based (PDAbased) system focused on integration of biopotential amplifiers, photoplethysmographic measurement of blood pressure, microcontroller(More)
As emerging technologies become increasingly inexpensive and robust, there is an exciting opportunity to move beyond general purpose computing platforms to realize a new generation of K-12 technology-based learning environments. Mixed-reality technologies integrate real world components with interactive digital media to offer new potential to combine best(More)
In this video presentation, we introduce the Situated Multimedia Arts Learning Lab [SMALLab], a mixed-reality learning environment that supports interactive engagement through full body 3D movements and gestures within a collaborative, computationally mediated space. The video begins by describing the holistic approach to embodied and mediated learning(More)
Estimation of crop evapotranspiration (ETC) for certain crops such as potato is very important for irrigation planning, irrigation scheduling and irrigation systems management. The primary focus of this study was to investigate the accuracy of the adaptive neurofuzzy inference system (ANFIS) and support vector machines (SVM) for potato ETC estimation when(More)
Mediated XicanIndio Resolana is an interactive rhetorical space where multiple participants engage in three rounds of verbal discourse surrounding a special topic (Figure 1.1). In this space, discourse is coupled with the manipulation of digital media through cultural interaction protocols and symbolic gestures. Our aim is to use this system to conduct(More)
In recent years, much work in K-12 educational technology has shifted away from addressing the problem of mere accessibility and toward a greater emphasis on the effective design of learning environments that make innovative use of emerging digital technologies. Contemporary research in the Learning Sciences reveals the importance of well-designed,(More)
This chapter discusses the characteristics of transport of water, transport over water, and their relations. A framework is proposed aimed at integration of operational control and management approaches related to both fields. Providing this framework enables discussing how solutions presented in the literature related to either one, or both fields, could(More)