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Phylogenetics of advanced snakes (Caenophidia) based on four mitochondrial genes.
Phylogenetic relationships among advanced snakes (Acrochordus + Colubroidea = Caenophidia) and the position of the genus Acrochordus relative to colubroid taxa are contentious. These concerns wereExpand
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Phylogeny, biogeography and classification of the snake superfamily Elapoidea: a rapid radiation in the late Eocene
The snake superfamily Elapoidea presents one of the most intransigent problems in systematics of the Caenophidia. Its monophyly is undisputed and several cohesive constituent lineages have beenExpand
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The snake family Psammophiidae (Reptilia: Serpentes): phylogenetics and species delimitation in the African sand snakes (Psammophis Boie, 1825) and allied genera.
This study constitutes the first evolutionary investigation of the snake family Psammophiidae--the most widespread, most clearly defined, yet perhaps the taxonomically most problematic of Africa'sExpand
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Molecular systematics of the African snake family Lamprophiidae Fitzinger, 1843 (Serpentes: Elapoidea), with particular focus on the genera Lamprophis Fitzinger 1843 and Mehelya Csiki 1903.
The snake family Lamprophiidae Fitzinger (Serpentes: Elapoidea) is a putatively Late Eocene radiation of nocturnal snakes endemic to the African continent. It incorporates many of the mostExpand
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Ancient habitat shifts and organismal diversification are decoupled in the African viper genus Bitis (Serpentes: Viperidae)
Aim: The expansion of open habitats during the mid-Miocene has been hypothesized as a driver of allopatric speciation for many African taxa. This habitat-dependent mode of diversification has beenExpand
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Impactof maintenance policies onthe performance of manufacturing cells
With increases in maintenance, equipment, and labour costs, the need for an effective maintenance program is increasing. Previous research has shown that the use of preventive maintenance proceduresExpand
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DOJ Merger Statement Renews Focus on Competitive Implications of Industry Standards
The DOJA¢â‚¬â„¢s statement has caused some consternation, as it signals at the very least that the agency may be willing to use the merger review process to discourage a companyA¢â‚¬â„¢s lawfulExpand
New Jersey District Court Limits Actavis To Cash Payments
The Lamictal decision establishes a potential bright-line rule exempting from antitrust scrutiny most patent settlements involving the transfer of only noncash benefits. Donald Falk & ChristopherExpand