Christopher M Tollan

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A new methodology for quantitative characterization of the coalescence process of waterborne polymer dispersion (latex) particles by environmental scanning electron microscopy (ESEM) is proposed. The experimental setup has been developed to provide reproducible latex monolayer depositions, optimized contrast of the latex particles, and a reliable readout of(More)
A novel pathway is presented to transfer and embed functional patterned magnetic nanostructures into flexible and stretchable polymeric membranes. The geometrical and magnetic properties are maintained through the process, realized even directly inside a microfluidic channel. These results pave the way to the realization of smart biomedical systems and(More)
The novel application of gold and silver nanorods as irreversible thermochromic dyes in polymeric ionic liquid (PIL) nanocomposites is proposed here. These materials have been synthesized by anion exchange of an imidazolium-based PIL in a solution that also contained gold nanorods. This resulted in the entrapment of the nanoobjects within a solid polymer(More)
Graphene is an attractive material for its physicochemical properties, but for many applications only chemically synthesized forms such as graphene oxide (GO) and reduced graphene oxide (rGO) can be produced in sufficient amounts. If considered as electrode material, the intrinsic defects of GO or rGO may have negative influence on the conductivity and(More)
Polymer-matrix-based inorganic-organic hybrid materials are at the cutting edge of current research for their great promise of merging properties of soft and hard solids in one material. Infiltration of polymers with vapors of reactive metal organics is a pathway for postsynthetic blending of the polymer with inorganic materials. Here, we show that this(More)
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