Christopher M. Scarfe

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Objective Alcohol-related admissions are increasing. A significant number of these admissions are attributable to a small number of complex patients with other comorbidities who do not engage well with mainstream services. Assertive outreach teams have been used in the field of psychiatry to engage patients who are poorly compliant. This study examines(More)
This participatory action research study is the first formal research study undertaken by nurses in a nursing development unit. The study emerged as the result of nurses brainstorming issues that they perceived to be problematic in their nursing practice and their unit environment. The nurses of the psycho-geriatric nursing development unit, Wallsend Aged(More)
This paper describes the process through which a Nursing Development Unit (NDU) was created in a 29-bed unit in which nurses care for severely demented residents. The question about whether or not ethics clearance is required for the development phase of NDUs is discussed, and the framework in which to develop the NDU described. The benefits of using(More)
The volatilization of fluorine from three melts in the system Na20-A1203-SiO 2 has been investigated at 1 atm pressure and 1200-1400°C. The melts chosen have base compositions corresponding to albite, jadeite and a per-aluminous melt with 75 mole % SiO 2. Melt spheres were suspended from platinum loops in a vertical tube furnace in a flow of oxygen gas,(More)
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