Christopher M. Miller

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We present an extension to literature-based discovery that goes beyond making discoveries to a principled way of navigating through selected aspects of some biomedical domain. The method is a type of "discovery browsing" that guides the user through the research literature on a specified phenomenon. Poorly understood relationships may be explored through(More)
Automatic summarization has been proposed to help manage the results of biomedical information retrieval systems. Semantic MEDLINE, for example, summarizes semantic predications representing assertions in MEDLINE citations. Results are presented as a graph which maintains links to the original citations. Graphs summarizing more than 500 citations are hard(More)
Applying the principles of literature-based discovery (LBD), we elucidate the paradox that obesity is beneficial in critical care despite contributing to disease generally. Our approach enhances a previous extension to LBD, called "discovery browsing," and is implemented using Semantic MEDLINE, which summarizes the results of a PubMed search into an(More)
Data deposition: Newly generated RNA-seq data and transcriptome assemblies were deposited into the NCBI SRA and TSA databases (see supplementary table S3, Supplementary Material online, for accession numbers). Sequence alignments are provided via Figshare at https://figshare. com/s/64e28b2ed14177b1ab14. Abstract Understanding mechanisms of coevolution(More)
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