Christopher M. Louie

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In the era of multi-core, computer vision has emerged as an exciting application area which promises to continue to drive the demand for both more powerful and more energy efficient processors. Although there is still a long way to go, vision has matured significantly over the last few decades, and the list of applications that are useful to end users(More)
Many recent parallelization tools lower the barrier for parallelizing a program, but overlook one of the first questions that a programmer needs to answer: <i>which parts of the program should I spend time parallelizing</i>? This paper examines Kremlin, an automatic tool that, given a serial version of a program, will make recommendations to the user as to(More)
Software engineers now face the difficult task of refactoring serial programs for parallel execution on multicore processors. Currently, they are offered little guidance as to how much benefit may come from this task, or how close they are to the best possible parallelization. This paper presents Kismet, a tool that creates parallel speedup estimates for(More)
This paper overviews Kremlin, a software profiling tool designed to assist the parallelization of serial programs. Kremlin accepts a serial source code, profiles it, and provides a list of regions that should be considered in parallelization. Unlike a typical profiler, Kremlin profiles not only work but also parallelism, which is accomplished via a novel(More)
......Parallelization of existing sequential software is a complex task that typically requires intensive manual effort to achieve optimal performance. Researchers have sought to build parallelizing compilers that would completely automate the parallelization process. These compilers typically struggle to exploit available parallelism because of the(More)
We present Parkour, a tool that creates parallel speedup estimates for unparallelized serial programs. Unlike previous approaches, it does not require any prior human analysis or modification of the program. Parkour automatically quantifies the parallelism of a given program and provides an approximate upper bound for performance, modeling fundamental(More)
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