Christopher M Lemon

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Acidity, hypoxia, and glucose levels characterize the tumor microenvironment rendering pH, pO2, and pGlucose, respectively, important indicators of tumor health. To this end, understanding how these parameters change can be a powerful tool for the development of novel and effective therapeutics. We have designed optical chemosensors that feature a quantum(More)
The ground state electronic structure of copper corroles has been a topic of debate and revision since the advent of corrole chemistry. Computational studies formulate neutral Cu corroles with an antiferromagnetically coupled Cu(II) corrole radical cation ground state. X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, EPR, and magnetometry support this assignment. For(More)
Micelles have been employed to encapsulate the supramolecular assembly of quantum dots with palladium(II) porphyrins for the quantification of O2 levels in aqueous media and in vivo. Förster resonance energy transfer from the quantum dot (QD) to the palladium porphyrin provides a means for signal transduction under both one- and two-photon excitation. The(More)
Corroles are an emergent class of fluorophores that are finding an application and reaction chemistry to rival their porphyrin analogues. Despite a growing interest in the synthesis, reactivity, and functionalization of these macrocycles, their excited-state chemistry remains undeveloped. A systematic study of the photophysical properties of β-substituted(More)
Supramolecular assemblies of a quantum dot (QD) associated to palladium(II) porphyrins have been developed to detect oxygen (pO2) in organic solvents. Palladium porphyrins are sensitive in the 0-160 Torr range, making them ideal phosphors for in vivo biological oxygen quantification. Porphyrins with meso pyridyl substituents bind to the surface of the QD to(More)
Metalloporphyrin complexes of the period six metals gold, mercury, thallium, lead and bismuth are often overlooked in favour of their lighter congeners. These complexes exhibit unusual coordination geometries, prominently featuring the metal centre residing out the porphyrin plane. Not only are these compounds chemically interesting, but several(More)