Christopher M. Kelty

2Yochai Benkler
2Alex Keller
2Andrew Roderick
2Buckingham Shum
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Users of online open access to educational materials can benefit from multiple reviews that identify the sources of the reviews as well as the intended uses and audiences for the materials. ABSTRACT | Over the last 15 years, the Internet has enabled new modes of authorship, new forms of open licensing and distribution, and new forms of collaboration and(More)
The great thing about standards is that there are so many to choose from. 1 Openness is an unruly concept. While free tends toward ambiguity (free as in speech, or free as in beer?), open tends toward obfuscation. Everyone claims to be open, everyone has something to share, everyone agrees that being open is the obvious thing to do-after all, RSHQQHVV LV(More)
Presented here is a conversation among anthropologists whose research and experience have given them special insight into recent changes in the ways scholarship is produced and shared. Christopher Kelty (CK) is the author of Two Bits: The Cultural Significance of Free Software, which serves as the starting point for the discussion below. Michael M. J.(More)
Talk of freedom and liberty pervade the past and present of the digital computer and the Internet, from everyday " academic freedom " to the more specific notion of a " freedom to tinker " ; from the prestigious Computers, Freedom and Privacy conference to " net neutrality " ; from " Internet Freedom " in North Africa and the Middle East and the Occupy(More)