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With the introduction of the New Deal and the Calman Report, the duration of higher specialist training will be halved. We have examined the effect of reduced on-call rotas on exposure to relatively uncommon out-of-hours emergencies in cardiothoracic surgery. Operations for post-infarction ventricular septal defect, aortic dissection or transection,(More)
Users of online open access to educational materials can benefit from multiple reviews that identify the sources of the reviews as well as the intended uses and audiences for the materials. ABSTRACT | Over the last 15 years, the Internet has enabled new modes of authorship, new forms of open licensing and distribution, and new forms of collaboration and(More)
Openness and scalability, modularity and trust, transparency and security; these are some keywords emerging from contemporary debates about the structure and future of the Internet among engineers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals intimately involved with the programming and design of technical infrastructures. Such terms of debate may not be familiar(More)
What is the value of science? In speculating about the success of open source/free software (OS/FS), users and advocates often suggest that it is " like science. " It has characteristics of peer review, open data subject to validation and replication, and a culture of academic freedom, credit, civility, and reputation. The point of this comparison is that(More)
ARTÍCULOS La estadística y el curso de la razón pública: compromiso e imparcialidad en un mundo cuantificado Theodore M. Porter Patents for Invention: Setting the Stage for the British Industrial Revolution? Christine MacLeod Invención, Nacionalismo Tecnológico y Progreso: el discurso de la propiedad industrial en la España del siglo XIX David Pretel Los(More)
This article discusses the distinctive contributions that the discipline of anthropology (in particular, socio-cultural anthropology) might make to the study of nanotechnology. It focuses on recent research conducted by anthropologists on the subject of nanotechnology, human health and the environment at the Center for Biological and Environmental(More)