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Acknowledgements This work is based on material compiled for my doctoral dissertation, " Building Values into the Design of Pervasive Mobile Technologies. " Many thanks to my committee: and guidance have shaped this work immensely. The helpful feedback of anonymous reviewers has also shaped this paper. Abstract As information systems transform our world,(More)
Users of online open access to educational materials can benefit from multiple reviews that identify the sources of the reviews as well as the intended uses and audiences for the materials. ABSTRACT | Over the last 15 years, the Internet has enabled new modes of authorship, new forms of open licensing and distribution, and new forms of collaboration and(More)
The major in anthropology has 2 areas of concentration: cultural anthropology and archaeology. The focus in cultural anthropology is on contemporary theoretical issues. By reading primary sources, students gain an exposure to the styles of argument and reasoning of a broad range of theorists. They can then engage in the ongoing discussion and definition of(More)
Openness and scalability, modularity and trust, transparency and security; these are some keywords emerging from contemporary debates about the structure and future of the Internet among engineers, entrepreneurs, and other individuals intimately involved with the programming and design of technical infrastructures. Such terms of debate may not be familiar(More)
The Connexions project at Rice University has created an open repository of educational materials and tools to promote sharing and exploration of knowledge as a dynamic continuum of interrelated concepts. Available free of charge to anyone under open-content and open-source licenses, Connexions offers high-quality, custom-tailored electronic course(More)
This essay reflects on three figures that can be used to make sense of the changing nature of public participation in the life sciences today: outlaws, hackers and Victorian gentlemen. Occasioned by a symposium held at UCLA (Outlaw Biology: Public Participation in the Age of Big Bio), the essay introduces several different modes of participation (DIY Bio,(More)
ARTÍCULOS La estadística y el curso de la razón pública: compromiso e imparcialidad en un mundo cuantificado Theodore M. Porter Patents for Invention: Setting the Stage for the British Industrial Revolution? Christine MacLeod Invención, Nacionalismo Tecnológico y Progreso: el discurso de la propiedad industrial en la España del siglo XIX David Pretel Los(More)