Christopher M. Free

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BACKGROUND Our aim was to systematically determine how features of patients and hospitals influence access to chemotherapy and survival for people with small-cell lung cancer in England. METHODS We linked the National Lung Cancer Audit and Hospital Episode Statistics and used multiple logistic and Cox regression analyses to assess the influence of patient(More)
Design and measurement data are presented that show how the novel concept of a traveling-wave-fed circular-polarization (CP) microstrip antenna can be extended to provide an antenna with dual CP. A new refinement to the basic antenna structure is also introduced that shows that the efficiency of radiation can be enhanced by using a dual dielectric to(More)
The pelagic brown alga Sargassum forms an oasis of biodiversity and productivity in an otherwise featureless ocean surface. The vast pool of oil resulting from the Deepwater Horizon oil spill came into contact with a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico's floating Sargassum mats. Aerial surveys performed during and after the oil spill show compelling(More)
BACKGROUND Initial studies on the use of ultrasound in the detection and sampling of supraclavicular lymph nodes in patients with suspected lung cancer show this to be a promising technique, giving both a cytological diagnosis and pathological N3 (pN3) stage. Leicester published its initial experience in 2005 and the aim of this study was to establish if(More)
Illegal harvest is recognized as a widespread problem in natural resource management. The use of multiple methods for quantifying illegal harvest has been widely recommended yet infrequently applied. We used a mixed-method approach to evaluate the extent, character, and motivations of illegal gillnet fishing in Lake Hovsgol National Park, Mongolia and its(More)
This article simplifies the complexity of an adaptive antenna by employing the genetic algorithm. The system requires only the error signal and the phase-shifters in the discrete value to form an antenna pattern. An adaptive antenna with two elements and sixteen discrete steps of phase shifter is used. The instantaneous sample of an error signal is used as(More)
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