Christopher M Francis

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Evolution was measured over 16 years in a self-regenerating, bulk-hybrid subterranean clover population, consisting of F 2 seed from 253 crosses, sown at Nabawa and Mt Barker, short and long growing season sites, respectively, in south-western Australia. Seed bank samples harvested annually were grown in a common garden. Experiment 1 measured flowering time(More)
We assessed the value of symptoms, past history, medications and signs in the evaluation of patients who might have heart failure secondary to left ventricular systolic dysfunction. An open-access echocardiography service was set up to help identify patients with left ventricular systolic dysfunction who might benefit from treatment with an(More)
In normal hearts, the critical value of the endocardial viability ratio (EVR) is thought to be less than 0.5. As myocardial regional dysfunction is a sensitive index of subendocardial ischaemia, the relationship between EVR and regional function has been studied in an experimental model of coronary artery constriction. In 13 dogs anaesthetized with(More)
Sexually selected traits are limited by selection against those traits in other fitness components, such as survival. Thus, sexual selection favouring large size in males should be balanced by higher mortality of larger males. However, evidence from red-winged blackbirds (Agelaius phoeniceus) indicates that large males survive better than small males. A(More)
A programme to detect and treat asymptomatic left ventricular dysfunction would seem to fulfil all five principles of screening. Indeed, such a programme would appear to be at least as firmly based as those already in existence for, for example, cervical and breast cancer. Further evaluation of the screening of high risk groups to detect asymptomatic left(More)
OBJECTIVE To assess the value of an open access echocardiography service. DESIGN Study of new open access service for general practitioners, who were invited to refer patients taking diuretics for suspected heart failure, untreated patients with symptoms of possible heart failure, and asymptomatic patients with risk factors for left ventricular systolic(More)
In the dog, stepped increases in isoflurane concentration (up to 1.5 MAC) caused peripheral and coronary vasodilatation. In the presence of significant decreases in arterial pressure (-35%), contractility (-46%), cardiac output (-17%) and coronary perfusion pressure (-40%), coronary blood flow remained unchanged, while the effective coronary vascular(More)