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Political ideology: its structure, functions, and elective affinities.
Ideology has re-emerged as an important topic of inquiry among social, personality, and political psychologists. In this review, we examine recent theory and research concerning the structure,Expand
A Tale of Two Systems : Co-Occurring Mental Health and Substance Abuse Disorders Treatment for Adolescents
Co-occurring disorders present serious challenges to traditional mental health and substance abuse treatment systems. Among adolescents in need of behavioral health services, co-occurring disordersExpand
Health Psychology : Developing Biologically Plausible Models Linking the Social World and Physical Health
Research over the past several decades has documented psychosocial influences on the development and progression of several major medical illnesses. The field is now increasingly focused onExpand
Ethnic Identity, Legitimizing Ideologies, and Social Status: A Matter of Ideological Asymmetry
This paper examines the ideological asymmetry hypothesis with respect tothe interface between legitimizing ideologies and psychological attachment to one's ethnic group. The ideological asymmetryExpand
Racism, ideology, and affirmative action revisited: the antecedents and consequences of "principled objections" to affirmative action.
In 2 studies, the antecedents and consequences of "principled objections" to affirmative action (specific, "race-neutral" reasons for opposing the policy) among Whites were examined. In Study 1. dataExpand
Source Cues, Partisan Identities, and Political Value Expression
This article examines the conditions under which partisan identities shape the positions people express on four political values: equal opportunity, self-reliance, moral traditionalism, and moralExpand
Rural residence as a determinant of attitudes toward US immigration policy
Between 1990 and 2000, the foreign-born population in the United States increased by 57 per cent, compared to a 13 per cent increase in the native-born population. This growth has fueled considerableExpand
The Relationship Between the Need for Closure and Support for Military Action Against Iraq: Moderating Effects of National Attachment
A variety of studies suggest that a high need for closure—that is, a desire for knowledge that is clear, stable, and unambiguous as opposed to confusing or uncertain—may be associated with greaterExpand
Mapping the Connections between Politics and Morality: The Multiple Sociopolitical Orientations Involved in Moral Intuition
According to moral foundations theory (Haidt & Joseph, 2004), five foundations are central to moral intuition. The two individualizing foundations—harm/care and fairness/reciprocity—hinge on theExpand