Christopher M Earls

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  • C M Earls
  • 1988
The present article has reviewed the experimental work concerning deviant sexual arousal to sexually aggressive and nonsexually aggressive cues in rapists and child molesters. To date, the results of this work are encouraging and indicate that we are able to identify these two offender groups on the basis of their erectile responses to sexual violence(More)
We investigated whether birth order and birth interval are associated with phallometric responding among 168 sex offenders. Based on the immunoreactivity hypothesis, we predicted that a larger number of older brothers and a shorter birth interval between the offenders and their next older brothers would be associated with more deviant responding. Results(More)
A semistructured questionnaire was administered to 50 male prostitutes and 50 nonprostitutes matched on age, sex, and socioeconomic status. The questionnaire focused on areas pertaining to family, sexual and criminal history, current life situation, sexual practices with clients, substance abuse, etc. In addition, the Beck Depression Inventory and the(More)
There are presently three widely used methods of scoring penile circumference data. The present experiment attempted to determine the ability of each method to explain the variance within a data set. A total of 19 subjects were presented with 20 photographic slides assigned to five categories: neutral, female adult, female adolescent, male adult, and male(More)
Since 1977 there have been seven published and two unpublished reports concerning the differentiation of rapists and non-rapists using penile circumferential measures. Of the published experiments, six report significant differences between groups. The purpose of the present investigation was to extend the scope of this work using a French-speaking(More)
Humans show a wide array of sexual preferences and behaviors. Although most humans prefer and have sex with consenting adults of the opposite sex, some individuals have unconventional preferences with regard to the sex or age of sexual partners, or with regard to the nature of sexual activities. In this paper, we describe a rare case of preferential(More)
In an effort to obtain a more precise definition of erectile sufficiency for vaginal penetration 19 normal men were exposed to an erotic videotape and recordings of penile tumescence were obtained. The subjects were instructed to signal with a push button switch when they had attained an erection they judged sufficient for penetration. They were asked to(More)
In a previous article, we presented phallometric data to illustrate a case of preferential bestiality or zoophilia (Earls & Lalumière, Sex Abuse: J Res Treat, 14:83-88, 2002). Based on the available literature, we argued that a marked preference for having sex with animals over sex with humans is extremely rare. In the present article, we describe a second(More)