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The 'water-wheel' or 'mill-wheel' murmur is classically associated with large intracardiac air emboli and described as a "characteristic splashing auscultatory sound due to the presence of gas in the cardiac chambers." We used 64-slice computed tomography (slice thickness, 0.5 mm; revolution time, 400 msec) and 3D fly-through software imagery to capture(More)
We report a case of a posterior mediastinal mature cystic teratoma with rupture secondary to blunt chest trauma in a 20-year-old male involved in a motor-vehicle accident. Initial treatment was guided by Advanced Trauma Life Support and a tube thoracostomy was performed for presumed hemothorax. The heterogeneous collection within the thoracic cavity was(More)
The Ferguson Operating Anoscope (FOA) is a surgical instrument, which can facilitate transanal excision of appropriate rectal tumors within 15 cm of the anal verge. Previous work showed low recurrence (4.3%) for favorable T1 tumors (no lymphovascular invasion, well/moderate differentiation, negative margins). This follow-up study evaluates outcomes in(More)
In a sample of 114 military veterans with depression histories, perceived burden was related to depression symptoms and suicide attempt history. After accounting for perceived burden, sense of belonging was negatively related to depression. Among the areas of social support, family support was inversely related to both depression and suicide history. After(More)
The authors have assessed arterial baroreflex gain in urethane-anesthetized normotensive and New Zealand genetically hypertensive (GH) rats and investigated the effect of gonadectomy in adult animals at 3 weeks of age postnatally. No gender differences in resting blood pressures existed for either normotensive or GH strains. In normotensive animals,(More)
Transanal excision of rectal tumors may be performed using the Ferguson Operating Anoscope (FOA). This retrospective case series evaluates the effectiveness of FOA for the excision of selected benign and malignant rectal tumors. The office records of 97 patients with rectal tumors who underwent FOA transanal excision by a single surgeon from 1999 through(More)
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