Christopher M Beausoleil

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BACKGROUND Decreasing the microbial skin burden reduces the risk of surgical site infection (SSI). The present study compares the activity of an innovative 2% chlorhexidine gluconate (CHG)-impregnated preoperative skin preparation cloth (PC) with a standard application procedure with a 4% CHG surgical skin preparation (SP). METHODS A paired, randomized,(More)
BACKGROUND The use of antimicrobial formulations for disinfecting hands prior to surgery has been shown to reduce the incidence of surgical site infections. Such formulations must demonstrate an immediate reduction of microbial flora on the hands that persists while the hands are gloved. AIM This study compared persistent and residual antimicrobial(More)
A novel method has been developed for the evaluation of alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) that employs a hand contamination procedure that more closely simulates the in-use conditions of ABHR. Hands of human subjects were contaminated with 0.2 ml of a concentrated suspension of Serratia marcescens (ATCC 14756) to achieve baseline contamination between 8 and 9(More)
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