Christopher Lynnes

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Keywords: Vertical geospatial data A-Train Giovanni CloudSat Earth remote sensing KML KMZ COLLADA Google earth a b s t r a c t Online tools, such as those pioneered by Google Earth (GE), are changing the way in which scientists and the general public interact with three-dimensional geospatial data in a virtual environment. However, while GE provides a(More)
1 Abstract A project is currently underway to create a suite of specialized deployable data mining web services designed specifically for science data. The project leverages the Algorithm Development and Mining (ADaM) toolkit as the basis. The ADaM toolkit is a robust, mature and freely available science data mining toolkit that is being used by different(More)
NASA provides a wide variety of Earth-observing satellite data products to a diverse community. These data are annotated with quality information in a variety of ways, with the result that many users struggle to understand how to properly account for quality when dealing with satellite data. To address this issue, a Data Quality Screening Service (DQSS) is(More)