Christopher Lupo

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This paper presents a new method for constructing 2D maps of enclosed underwater structures using an underwater robot equipped with only a 2D scanning sonar, compass and depth sensor. In particular, no motion model or odometry is used. To accomplish this, a two step offline SLAM method is applied to a set of stationary sonar scans. In the first step, the(More)
An exploit involving the greatest common divisor (GCD) of RSA moduli was recently discovered [1]. This paper presents a tool that can efficiently and completely compare a large number of 1024-bit RSA public keys, and identify any keys that are susceptible to this weakness. NVIDIA's graphics processing units (GPU) and the CUDA massively-parallel programming(More)
The use of supervised machine learning to extend the capabilities and overall viability of motion sensing input devices has been an increasingly popular avenue of research since the release of the Leap Motion in 2013. The device's optical sensors are capable of recognizing and tracking key features of a user's hands and fingers, which can be obtained and(More)
Towards an automated weight lifting coach: introducing LIFT Michael Lady The fitness device market is young and rapidly growing. More people than ever before take count of how many steps they walk, how many calories they burn, their heart rate over time, and even their quality of sleep. New, and as of yet, unreleased fitness devices have promised the next(More)
Several hundred thousand miles of energy pipelines span the whole of North America— responsible for carrying the natural gas and liquid petroleum that power the conti-nent's homes and economies [28]. These pipelines, so crucial to everyday goings-on, are closely monitored by various operating companies to ensure they perform safely and smoothly [1]. factors(More)
CUDA Web API Massively parallel programming is an increasingly growing field with the recent introduction of general purpose GPU computing. Modern graphics processors from NVIDIA and AMD have massively parallel architectures that can be used for such applications as 3D rendering, financial analysis, physics simulations, and biomedical analysis. These(More)
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