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In this paper, we propose to apply artifact mining in a global development environment to support measurement based process management and improvement, such as SEI/CMMI's GQ(I)M and Six Sigma's DMAIC. CMM has its origins in managing large software projects for the government and emphasizes achieving expected outcomes. In GQM, organizational goals are(More)
The software development process is an incremental and iterative activity. Source code is constantly changed to reflect changing requirements, to respond to testing results, and to address problem reports. Proper software measurement that derives meaningful numeric values for some attributes of a software product or process can help in identifying problem(More)
Structured prediction from bandit feedback describes a learning scenario where instead of having access to a gold standard structure, a learner only receives partial feedback in form of the loss value of a predicted structure. We present new learning objectives and algorithms for this interactive scenario, focusing on convergence speed and ease of(More)
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