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In this paper, we propose to apply artifact mining in a global development environment to support measurement based process management and improvement, such as SEI/CMMI's GQ(I)M and Six Sigma's DMAIC. CMM has its origins in managing large software projects for the government and emphasizes achieving expected outcomes. In GQM, organizational goals are(More)
OBJECTIVE Attachment security has been identified as an important buffer of distress in patients with cancer and other medical illnesses but current measures have not been adapted for this population who may be older, in long-term stable relationships, and suffering from considerable disease burden. This study reports on (1) the psychometric properties of a(More)
BACKGROUND Patients with advanced cancer have reduced quality of life, which tends to worsen towards the end of life. We assessed the effect of early palliative care in patients with advanced cancer on several aspects of quality of life. METHODS The study took place at the Princess Margaret Cancer Centre (Toronto, ON, Canada), between Dec 1, 2006, and Feb(More)
Personal identity involves continuity of the inner or private self—the intimately familiar me—across time and place. Is this continuity experienced to a similar extent across cultures? East Asian cultures place greater moral emphasis than do Western cultures on the contextual adjustment of personal behavior. This adjustive focus translates into greater(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluates the quality of life (QOL) and mental health (MH) of caregivers of patients with advanced cancer who are receiving ambulatory oncology care and associations with patient, caregiver and care-related characteristics. METHODS Patients with advanced gastrointestinal, genitourinary, breast, lung or gynaecologic cancer, and their(More)
OBJECTIVE Acute leukemia is a condition with an acute onset that is associated with considerable morbidity and mortality. However, the psychological impact of this life-threatening condition and its intensive treatment has not been systematically examined. In the present study, we investigate the prevalence and correlates of post-traumatic stress symptoms(More)
Structured prediction from bandit feedback describes a learning scenario where instead of having access to a gold standard structure, a learner only receives partial feedback in form of the loss value of a predicted structure. We present new learning objectives and algorithms for this interactive scenario, focusing on convergence speed and ease of(More)
BACKGROUND Higher rates of depression in women compared to men have been attributed to intrinsic biological or psychological vulnerabilities, to their disproportionate exposure to stressful events and circumstances, or to the combined contributions of these factors. PURPOSE This study aimed to determine if there is a gender disparity in depression rates(More)
ATP functions as an extracellular signaling molecule that is costored and coreleased with neurotransmitters at central and peripheral neuronal synapses. Stimulation by ATP upregulates the expression of synaptic genes in muscle-including the genes for nicotine acetylcholine receptor (α-, δ-, and ε-subunits) and acetylcholinesterase (AChE)-via the P2Y(More)