Christopher Liberatore

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We present SABR (Sparse, Anchor-Based Representation), an analysis technique to decompose the speech signal into speaker-dependent and speaker-independent components. Given a collection of utterances for a particular speaker, SABR uses the centroid for each phoneme as an acoustic “anchor,” then applies Lasso regularization to represent each speech frame as(More)
We describe a method for adapting a physical vocal tract model's anatomical and gestural parameters using acoustic information to match a target speaker. Physical vocal tract models are hard to adjust to match a speaker, as doing so requires information which is difficult to capture, such as X-Ray or MRI information. We propose an analysis-by-synthesis(More)
We present a procedure for generating gestural scores from speech acoustics. The procedure is based on our recent SABR (sparse, anchor-based representation) algorithm, which models the speech signal as a linear combination of acoustic anchors. We present modifications to SABR that encourage temporal smoothness by restricting the number of anchors that can(More)
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