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In this study, we performed high-resolution array comparative genomic hybridization with an array of 4153 bacterial artificial chromosome clones to assess copy number changes in 44 archival breast cancers. The tumors were flow sorted to exclude non-tumor DNA and increase our ability to detect gene copy number changes. In these tumors, losses were more(More)
STUDY OBJECTIVES Functional neuroimaging studies suggest a prominent role for the medial prefrontal cortex in the formation of moral judgments. Activity in this region has also been shown to decline significantly during sleep loss. We therefore examined the effects of 2 nights of sleep deprivation on several aspects of moral judgment. DESIGN Participants(More)
BACKGROUND Breast cancer patients with tumors that are estrogen receptor (ER)-positive and/or progesterone receptor (PR)-positive have lower risks of mortality after their diagnosis compared to women with ER- and/or PR-negative disease. However, few studies have evaluated variations in the risks of breast cancer-specific mortality across ER/PR status by(More)
Breast cancer is a heterogeneous disease, though little is known about some of its rarer forms, including certain histologic types. Using Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results Program data on 135 157 invasive breast cancer cases diagnosed from 1992 to 2001, relationships between nine histologic types of breast cancer and various tumour characteristics(More)
Use of specific antihypertensive medications (AHTs) has been hypothesized to increase breast cancer risk, but results across published studies are inconsistent. We re-evaluated the relationship between AHT use and breast cancer risk in a prospective cohort of 3,201 women ≥65 years of age at recruitment now with more than double the length of follow-up (12(More)
—We explore several image processing methods to automatically identify the make of a vehicle based focused on the manufacturer's iconic logo. Our findings reveal that large variations in brightness, vehicle features in the foreground, and specular reflections render the scale-invariant feature transform (SIFT) approach practically useless. Methods such as(More)
Mass spectrometry approaches to biomarker discovery in human fluids have received a great deal of attention in recent years. While mass spectrometry instrumentation and analysis approaches have been widely investigated, little attention has been paid to how sample handling can impact the plasma proteome and therefore influence biomarker discovery. We have(More)
Women diagnosed with a first breast cancer before the age of 45 years have a greater than 5.0-fold risk of developing a second primary contralateral breast cancer (CBC) than women in the general population have of developing a first breast cancer. Identifying epidemiologic or molecular factors that influence CBC risk could aid in the development of new(More)
Carbon nanotubes (CNT) possess many unique characteristics that promise to revolutionize the world of structural m a-terials resulting in significant impact on our capability to build lighter, smaller and higher performance structures for aerospace and many other industrial applications. When the CNT are aligned, micromechanical studies showed the p(More)