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BACKGROUND Clozapine is effective for resistant schizophrenia. After two sudden deaths in physically well young men soon after starting clozapine, we investigated the cardiovascular complications for this drug. METHODS From January, 1993, to March, 1999, 8000 patients started clozapine treatment in Australia, and were registered with a mandatory(More)
Breeding for malting quality is an important goal of malting barley breeding programs. Malting quality is a complex phenotype that combines a large number of interrelated components, each of which shows complex inheritance. Currently, only a few genes involved in determining malting quality have been characterized. We combined transcript profiling with(More)
Advances in understanding the etiology of Parkinson disease have been driven by the identification of causative mutations in families. Genetic analysis of an Australian family with three males displaying clinical features of early-onset parkinsonism and intellectual disability identified a ∼45 kb deletion resulting in the complete loss of RAB39B. We(More)
BACKGROUND Sudden cardiac death among children and young adults is a devastating event. We performed a prospective, population-based, clinical and genetic study of sudden cardiac death among children and young adults. METHODS We prospectively collected clinical, demographic, and autopsy information on all cases of sudden cardiac death among children and(More)
English-language account of fossils (Parkinson was a reconciler of palaeontology with the Scriptures), and his Observations on the nature and cure ofgout (1 805)-a work largely derived from personal experience-astutely treated the disease as a constitutional disorder due to excessive acidity. Morris's accounts of Parkinson's medical and scientific ideas are(More)
agriculture" (pp. 193-267), "Medicine". including pharmacology (pp. 269-357), and "Sociology" (pp. 359-365). This volume is printed on good-quality paper, and is beautifully bound in glossy paper covers. One could easily appreciate the amount of work that was put into the preparation of the manuscripts of this volume, and in seeing them through the press.(More)
That we perceive the past through the categories of the historian is a truism never so obvious as when a perceptive historian changes the categories. It is time someone wrote an account of how the historians have constructed the chemical revolution. For it is within this creation that Lavoisier nearly always appears. Somehow the appropriate frame of(More)
literature, but also on a detailed survey of the objects on which the literature was based, by a practised histologist familiar with the longer-lasting techniques. The result is an attractively-produced book containing a wealth of illustrations from a wide range of sources, including pictures of old preparations made through the microscope as well as(More)
strictly clinical or strictly scientific. They were often a happy combination of the two as Holmes brought his knowledge of basic anatomy, microscopy, physiology, and pathology to bear on the problems presented by clinical neurology. Like its predecessor, this volume reproduces Holmes's papers in facsimile, so the individual papers display a profusion of(More)